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class="gkFeaturedItemTitle" New product: NanoPos hexapod

  • Written by Symetrie press release

SYMETRIE has launched NanoPos, a nanometer resolution positioning hexapod developed for the most demanding applications, such as optics or nanotechnologies.SYMETRIE NanoPosHexapod


class="gkFeaturedItemTitle" Microscopic fountain pen to be used as a chemical sensor

  • Written by MESA+

The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), which uses a fine-tipped probe to scan surfaces at the atomic scale, will soon be augmented with a chemical sensor. This involves the use of a hollow AFM cantilever, through which a liquid - in this case mercury - is passed under pressure. The droplet of mercury at the tip acts as a sensor. This microscopic fountain pen was developed by researchers at the University of Twente’s MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology.The hollow cantilever of an AFM (tip is not shown now) is filled with mercury. The drop at the end is a chemical sensor.