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class="gkFeaturedItemTitle" America may lose nano race

  • Written by P.H. (Economist)

Vacuum tubes, semiconductors and the internet have changed how we live; now nanotechnology promises a similar revolution. Nanocoatings that make it impossible for liquid to even touch a treated surface are transforming material science. Carbon nanotubes can help artificial muscles behave like the real thing, while nanoscale drug delivery can target cancer cells with deadly accuracy. Concrete infused with nanofibres can be self-sensing, enabling roads and bridges to be monitored remotely for structural weakness or traffic volumes.New report warns that America may lose the nanotechnology race


class="gkFeaturedItemTitle" New product: NanoPos hexapod

  • Written by Symetrie press release

SYMETRIE has launched NanoPos, a nanometer resolution positioning hexapod developed for the most demanding applications, such as optics or nanotechnologies.SYMETRIE NanoPosHexapod